BACK HOME FROM THE USA – Published: 5 Mar 2003

couple on a pier

Just got back from a most excellent trip to the USA. This isn’t me by the way but the view of two lovers on the pier at Newport Beach, CA.

They didn’t know I took this picture. Americans in love. I expected Baywatch and got Weight-watchers.

Ah well. I spent most of my time in the US in Phoenix, AZ with a girl called Shelley (kisses xxx). More about Arizona and Shelley soon.

‘Nearstars’ left this comment on 11 Aug 03

[pedant police] It was actually the pier at Huntington Beach, CA about 10 miles up the coast from Newport. Like anybody cares…

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‘A visitor’ left this comment on 10 Mar 03
Nice picture! hee hee…I want to see more of the trip! shell x


One for Old Synth Lovers or OSL’s as they should be known.
Published: 10 Mar 2003

“While getting his doctorate in physics at Cornell University in 1963, Robert A. Moog (By the way “Moog” is pronounced with a long “o” sound like Rogue or Vogue, not like Fugue) earned money by selling do-it-yourself transistorized theremins.”

Do-it-yourself transistorized theremins, I ask you. Some people’s lives just make you sick with jealousy.


Geology – Published: 11 Mar 2003

Canyon Man

Who is this handsome devil? Yee-Haw. This me at the Grand Canyon.

I’ve been meaning to read up on what Geological Phenomena caused such a thing to be (the canyon, not me). No doubt I’ll update this blog when I know.  Shelley took this one.  She done good.

And here she is in Sedona, Arizona.

‘A visitor’ left this comment on 11 Mar 03
How’s that Hottie?! 🙂 Shell

‘A visitor’ left this comment on 5 Apr 03
Ha Ha….NICE!!! Shell

‘Tim’ left this comment on 2 Apr 03
probably about sex’

A visitor’ left this comment on 31 Mar 03
what is she thinking about? Shell


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