First Published 7 Feb 2003

Published: 7 Feb 2003

Just finished reading Time Quake by Kurt Vonnegut. Funny and wise. He seemed to be saying thanks and goodbye. Imagine no religion.

Gun Toting Christians
Published: 9 Feb 2003

This weekend I had lots of chats about the nature of god, god verses reincarnation, God as a failure, UFOs and so on.

My scientology friend said that we reincarnate but that there is ultimately no point to this reincarnation; it doesn’t lead anywhere, it’s just and endless cycle.

She didn’t seem too bothered by this meaningless round trip. She also said ‘cripples and deformed’ people were just being punished for being naughty in their last life. I didn’t like the sound of that.

My sever Christian upbringing has left me confused, a bit doubtful and definitely resentful [of all the time that I wasted ‘believing’].

I can still entertain the possibilities though. If there is an afterlife I hope God doesn’t want us to sing all the time and I hope Heaven is a bit like Blackpool circa 1975.

For God so loved the world he gave us his only begotten son. But he also gave us Jeremy Beadle, so it’s not all good news, is it?

I saw this Michael Moore film Bowling For Columbine. It’s about the best thing I’ve seen at the flicks in years. Docos at the pictures, who’d have thought it?

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about gun culture in the USA. He covered a lot of recent and very serious gun killings carried out by juveniles including, obviously, the one at Columbine High School.

Michael made a great document of our times with this film but one thing that I felt was missing was this…

Mid West Nowhere America, where so many of these problems persist, is populated by people who stand by their right to bear arms. So many of these gun owners are Christians who believe in an Armageddon and second coming.

They own arms because they believe, from what they read in the Bible, in the ‘Last Days” there will be this Mad Max type society and they’ll need to protect themselves, their food and their homes by, presumably, shooting people with a gun.

Then Jesus will come and everything will be roses again. So effectively it is a case of owning guns in the name of Christ. Just what He would have wanted eh? “Come follow me, bring a gat.”

To some Christians owning a gun is just as much part of being ready for Christ as perhaps owning a bible.

Anyhow, I hope Jesus doesn’t come back again. I wouldn’t if I was him. It would be nice if Harold Lloyd came back again though. I bet more people would want that if there was a vote.


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