MAKE TEA NOT WAR – Published: 15 Feb 2003

Anti-war March in London

So here’s a thing: I was in the anti-war march with my brother in London today.

It was an awesome thing to witness. People power. From all over the country they had come and all were in good spirits.

The media said 1 million, the organisers said 2 million. It felt like 2 million.

I’d never understood until it was explained by Jesse Jackson that the reason Tony Blair and George Bush know there are weapons in Iraq is because they have the receipts.

They sold them to Sadam.

I’d been under the misguided impression they were pretty sure the inspectors might find something but it was only a hunch.

The weird thing is, if I’m honest, I want some force to go in there and dismantle the Iraqi government. I know that’s more or less impossible without inflicting some harm against the people there.

It would also be the greedy, self-serving Western World’s way of getting at Iraqi oil, that’s the sort of thing we did in colonial days. Looks like we’ve really moved on, eh?

The good luck / bad look tally I’ve been keeping since January 1st: bad luck is two points ahead at this stage after being pretty equal with good luck for about two weeks.


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