Radio Theatre Group

Rescued from my old blog: First published: 25 Jan 2003

I’ve been keeping this tally of good luck / bad luck on a piece of paper blu-tacked to my wall. I’ve been doing this since the start of the year and to my surprise for the last two days the good look tally has been slightly ahead.

It evened out later today when I pissed blood. Time to call the doctor.

I booked my trip to Phoenix, AZ. Now I have to read the Rough Guide and find out what there is to do there, beside golf.

Last night I was out with the RTG (Radio Theatre Group). They record radio plays. It was our late Christmas dinner.

People are either very intrigued or find it extremely sad and nerdish when they hear about what we do. But is that sad? Some people Salsa, some people paintball. We act into a microphone in a basement studio with friends. I think it’s pretty cool. Acting for introverts.


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