Rescued from my old blog: January 2003 – pt 2

Published: 9 Jan 2003
Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed here. In the night, from my window, I saw three adults playing in the small private park that sits in front of the crescent where I live.

They were just shadowy shapes but they looked like they were have fun with the snow.

This morning when I awoke, from my window I saw that they had drawn a 100ft penis in the snow (a classic toilet wall-style knob).

I shall attempt to take a photo before the snow melts. I find such an immature jape by adults quite refreshing.

In other matters, if you are amused by science

Published: 13 Jan 2003 

Today we completed the Happiness website for the BBC sitcom of the same name. Rolls out tomorrow. 


It’s not meant to be exciting. The sitcom is about middle age and midlife crisis. The person who sums up middle-age to me is…

Saint Esther

Here’s a picture of caring, sharing (and ever so wearing) Esther Rantzen.

I heard a rumour at the BBC that when Esther was at the height of her fame in the early 80’s, you could get a letter to her in the internal post just by writing ‘Teeth’ on the envelope.

I bet all the beds at her house have valances. On another subject…

I often think about moving to VANCOUVER but, to be honest, haven’t got the nerve to actually do it.

I understand they have a sort of equivalent to the BBC there called CBC. Maybe they’d give me a job?

Published: 18 Jan 2003

I live in London but I’m not from here. At christmas I went back to my hometown of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Here I took a lot of pics with my Dad’s digital camera to try and capture just how down at heel my old stomping ground actually is.

This pic is three shots sewn together in photoshop and shows part of my old walk to school (at about age 10).

Back then, kids could walk to school without being kidnapped, raped and chopped in the little bits and then bummed. Or so it seemed.

Boothroyd Lane, Dewsbury

Boothroyd Lane, Dewsbury

More pics to come. 

I think I’ll be taking a holiday in Phoenix, Arizona. Are you from there? Can you recommend a good place to eat?

Published: 18 Jan 2003
More From Dewsbury

Here’s another of those pics I took at Christmas of Dewsbury.

View of Dewsbury

View of Dewsbury

Dewsbury is in terminal decline. Actually it is not ‘in’ decline, it ‘has’ declined. Fully. 

‘No Way!’ you must be saying looking at this pic.  Sad thing is most small towns in Britain are now dull and utterly uniform.

The Great British high street has become an identical, generic strip of chain stores and fast food restaurants. One just like the next. What would you want to live in any of them.

Stoke. No way.


‘A visitor’ left this comment on 16 Jan 03

Sorry I couldn’t see the pics or recommend a restaurant in Phoenix. However, Mark at lives in Phoenix, so he says, and he could probably recommend some good places to eat and hang out.


‘Raoul Asimov’  left this comment on 16 Jan 03

When showing a picture in your blog it is a good idea to not make a link to your harddrive since for obvious (hopefully) reasons it won’t show up on your blog.

Visit me @


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