Rescued from my old blog: January 2003

Published: 6 Jan 2003
This is what I do for a living

This is what I do for a living:  BBC ONLINE COMEDY

Published: 7 Jan 2003
Idea for a theme park: Evil Villain’s Volcano Lair.

You pay to stay in a luxurious subterranean complex, breakfast is served by a beautiful oriental girl but it’s always drugged. You wake up about tea time and are then hit in the face with the butt of a Kalashnikov.

Published: 8 Jan 2003
Cancer of the Arse

I don’t know what life is all about but I treasure these moments, just me and a plate of fried eggs. FRIED EGG RELATED PLEASURE

You know there’s only one letter missing from Fried Egg – add the letter n and get Friend Egg. Mmm. Yummy Yokey Goodness.

Today in my inbox were three emails offering penis enlargements. There were the usual ones about consolidating debts.

What do you do when you are emotionally indebted to people and you can’t keep up the payments? I think it would work out well if I could consolidate and be just indebted to, say, my 4th year English teacher.

I’d have to keep up the small emotional repayments for over sixty years but at least things would be under control, and maybe, who knows, I could even think about getting indebted to some new people.



Slocombe‘ left this comment on 11 Jan 03
My dad had cancer of the arse, he had cancer of the knob, he had cancer of the eyeballs, mouth, nose, and even of the ears.
Brokyn‘ left this comment on 8 Jan 03
I get emails about both enlarging my penis, and learning to pleasure my woman to multiple orgasm. I have neither a penis, nor a woman. I feel as though perhaps I should want these things, in order to enlarge or pleasure them. So far I don’t…

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