Back From Holidays | Published: 17 Jun 2003

Just got back from a  brief (free) holiday in Gran Canaria. On this holiday I learned I don’t like sun and sand holidays. I like holidays which involve hard travel, some history, some culture and quality restaurants.

The Canaries have been ruined by an army of Time-Share salespersons.

I should try Thailand next. One thing I worried about while there was this: does Dunn & Co still exsist? Is it still trading in the high street.

It doesn’t seem to have a website but then it wouldn’t, would it? It’s sells 30’s-style hats and string-back driving gloves. Or did.


‘Nearstars’ left this comment on 11 Aug 03
Ben and Tim’s Excellent Adventure being a good example of the favourable type of holiday…or were you lying to me for two weeks, pretending you enjoyed being driven around aimlessly (but with purpose) without Ever Stopping Anywhere Nice?

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The simple pleasures | Published: 19 Jun 2003

Nice cup of tea and a sit down

Colleague Vicky found this site at work today and I LARFED! I’ve been reading it all night now and it was really very good.

Still Plugging Away | Published: 22 Jun 2003

Tomorrow I have to interview for my own job. My contract with the beeb is almost up. They seem to be offering permanent positions to people who have contracted for more that 2 years (or two and a half in my case) with the catch being that others get a chance to interview for that permanent contract too.

So that’s tomorrow. I feel pissed off having worked pretty responsibly for Greg’s big media donkey. At the same time there’s a darker part of my soul that wants to be let go from there. I tend to only be bold when I’m desperate. The BBC fired so many web people recently I wouldn’t be surprised if someone twice as qualified as me was interviewing for the job.

Ho hum. Like Enid Blighton used to say, ‘so long as you’ve got your elf.’


Finished a radio play last week. I adapted a short story from a book called The Things They Carried – by Tim O’Brien. I’m going to send it to someone at Radio Drama, perhaps under a false name.

I found in the past that producers don’t call you back if they know you’re BBC too. Must be too threatening or something. I sent some material in to a comedy radio show once under the name Charlotte Bourbon and it got used. They even wrote back and asked if I had any more.

Sending stuff internally under my real name has most often resulted in just being utterly ignored. Swings and roundabouts.

‘A visitor’ left this comment on 23 Jun 03
And the verdict was?
Tom []

And so.. | Published: 24 Jun 2003

I keep my job. False alarm. Permanent contract is in the post etc. Thank-yous to everyone who wished me luck.

Some things this experience taught me…

Being blasé about your job is fine so long as you *genuinely* don’t care, but if it’s all just for show that’s not very clever at all.

Having read a lot of blogs over the weekend in preparation for my interview I realise mine is pretty feeble.

Many bloggers seem to start with a sensible and unrevealing blog and work towards a richer and more honest blog, as honest as they are ever going to be anyway.

It’s like an adolescence. There should be a name for this kind of matured blog. There’s a name for when a deciduous forest has it’s reached a good age and a full density and covers as much ground as the ground can reasonably support etc., I’m trying to think what that word is…

Actually the term is ‘climatic climax’ so forget that. That would be a terrible term for a matured blog. But a similar principal, right?


SIGHTINGS: I saw scud-stud Rageh Omar in the BBC doughnut yesterday. He looked smaller and much more introspective than you might expect.

Can’t be the war, but living in a hotel full of journalists for a month will do that to you.

Record Speed | Published: 26 Jun 2003

Has anyone considered that 33 + 45 = 78? And that these are the speeds records play at in rpm.

A bloke at work (piers for those who know the place/person) has a t-shirt on today which had a picture of Jakob Nielsen on it. And the word ‘Usability’.

The word would have been better placed on his underpants.

Fun today was had with the test version of MSN Messenger 6. You can play checkers (american chess) with other people while chatting. That’s nice, isn’t it?.

You can have a picture of yourself too, which others see. And you can make your own icons. Nice. I draw the line at surfing the web with other people (that’s private) but apparently it lets you do that as well.


‘Nearstars’ left this comment on 11 Aug 03
Jakob is a very close friend of mine and is a god of web-useability.
Anybody building a website should read his stuff, and then maybe you might learn something for a change and stop using gif’s for navigation buttons.

All the above is true, except the bit about him being a close friend.

He’s also considerably unattractive, so why anyone would want his mug on a t-shirt I have no idea.

Talking of useability, where’s the fucking “take me back to the blog” button? Christ…

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‘Tim’ left this comment on 30 Jun 03
they should have made matching pants with that t-shirt. perhaps with the term ‘user interface’ or perhaps ‘user test this’

‘A visitor’ left this comment on 30 Jun 03
I’m not quite sure whether you’re saying that it’s easy or difficult to get into my pants… Piers


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