Favourite Films

Published: 16 May 2003

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
In my humble as a sock opinion the greatest film ever made. Great performances, great music, great direction, great universal message.
Kramer Vs Kramer
The most economical and perfectly formed film, also with a bold-ish message.
The Apartment
Terrifically pessimistic for its day. Forget the last ten minutes and the tagged on Hollywood ending. The rest rings so true.
Susan: A real woman could stop you drinking, Arthur.
Arthur: She’d have to be a real big woman.
The Conversation
Gene Hackman is superbly awkward in this film that has more in it each time you watch.
The last word in Westerns. Brutal and honest, this is how the west really was.
Falling Down
Works on so many levels and has so much to say.
On The Waterfront
Watch this and realise how many other films, from Rocky to the Godfather, have borrowed from this masterpiece.
Grosse Point Blank
Silly film for nostalgic 30 somethings.
The Dish
Real ensemble comedy tour de force which reminds you about a great human endeavour.
The first and most effective of the Hannibal films.


‘A visitor’ left this comment on 28 May 03
just watched two of these movies this last wknd and tonight… Arthur and Gross Point Blank.. seen em both a bunch. love em… also have seen Unforgiven – very good… and Kramer vs Kramer… one of the best films ever…
Many of the others i haven’t seen the whole thing..



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