I’ve got a new scanner

First Published: 4 Jul 2003, (then Blog-City closed down in 2011 and I shifted it and all the other 100s of posts one by one to WordPress).

This Scanner

It lets me scan 35mm/medium/large format negs. It didn’t work when I first got it and I rang canon and gave them an ear bashing.

Then I found the fuse in the plug had gone. So sorry Canon. Now it works and I’m very happy with it.



This is a picture of the USA / Mexican border town of Nogales. The wall on the hill is what keeps the two countries apart.

This photo was actually 4 individual portrait black and white prints joined in photoshop.  []+[]+[]+[]

This is obviously a scaled down version for the web. The original is massive. About the size of Braintree. No, really.


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