Media Guardian Blogger Bit

Published: 21 Jul 2003

The event organised by voxpolitics I attended last week gets on the back page of the Media Guardian today.

Now I’ve had a time to think about the event (bottom line – what happens if Politicians keep blogs) I think the most exciting thing about the meeting was being in the House of Commons.

But now I see the empowering potential. The right honourbale Tom Watson MP keeps a blog and a joe schmo like me can read what he’s up to all day and make comments he will (hopefully) read.

Problem is he’s MP for West Bromwich and I don’t live there (praise be). The people for West Bromwich are lucky, they get that almost instant gratifiaction of mouthing off to their MP.

My guess is, however, Tom gets more feedback from people who simply want to get a point across to a Labour MP, that is to say, someone who represents the Party as a whole.

Proportionally very few of these come from West Brom – I’m guessing. And in that case any Labour MP will do.

Are the good people of West Bromwich aware of their privileged position? Are they reading the media guardian? The ability to read online about what their MP is doing with his time is rare diversion. Are they affecting what he does with local policy?

What if you live in Bridlington or Stourbridge or Doncaster. Would the people from Doncaster make comments to their MP. My guess is – errm no. I’m from Yorkshire so I’m allowed to say that they’re a lot of straw-sucking-yokels. But I could be wrong.

As Tom rightly said at the event, Tony Blair needs a blog. Or one of his presidential aides. Someone needs to be blogging about things at a national level, giving insights, illuminating the dark and cloistered processes in order to be of interest to the broadest possible audience.

Seems unlikely that would ever happen.


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