Kneel Before Zod

Published: 10 Aug 2003

I was in HMV and heard the big, phat synthy DWZZZZZZZZZZZOOW that is the opening sound of Tom Sawyer by prog-gods RUSH.

Then it started being all hip-hop and dancey.

Some one had remixed it! It made me think ‘who could possibly be a fan of Rush *and* be into dance music *and* think the two could possibly be fused?’

Surely this is a sick joke? No prog fan would deign to tamper in such a sacrilegious way.

The culprit? The modern day warrior DJ  Z-Trip. Buffoon.

YazzAnd while we’re on a dance tip, whatever happened to Yazz and her pencil-holding nostrils?

I just saw her on Top of the Pops Two (the clue’s in the title) with ASWAD (the reggae regulatory watchdog).

She seemed to have a shorter career than Sonia which doesn’t really seem fair.


I was at a party today and met Sarah Douglas, aka Ursa from Superman II. She was really Hollywood and had loads of stories.

She’s appearing in Hamlet at the Holland Park open air theatre from 12th – 17th August 2003. Though she lives the easy life in CA she’s thinking of moving back to Shepherds Bush! (Is she insane?)


‘Nearstars’ left this comment on 11 Aug 03
Actually, for the purposes of the ensuing lawsuit against Tim, and for the record, that was My Idea about who could possibly have a taste common to prog-rock and rap. I’ll see you in bloody court.
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