Published: 21 Aug 2003 BECK

My Time Is A Piece of Wax

I went to see BECK last night at the Brixton Academy. Anyway, he was good. Amazing really. If I’d had a digital camera I would have put a picture or two up here.

Can I also mention my love of KEXP a Seattle University radio station which seems to play cool things about two months before the rest of the world catches on. The best thing about it is they play a more mellow selection in the night (when it’s actually morning and midday for us) and you get a slightly more varied pick. The sometimes stoned zero-vanity deejays make a refreshing change too.

Also, just played FREELANCER (PC GAME). It was vast and but not complex, it was slick but not gratifying. There were hundreds of characters and races who all said the same trite things. There were 150 different planets to land on, each one had a bar, a shop and another shop and nothing else. It felt like everywhere in the universe was a hundred yards worth of kilburn high road. Poor.

I’m getting a Photo published in TIMES this weekend. I Hope. I’ll tell more if it actually happens.


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