Separated At Birth?

Various posts first published: 15 Sep 2003
The Art of Noise and No-Face from Spirited Away… Were they separated At Birth?

Thought for the day…

“A robust and popular public transport network is the crowning glory of a civilisation.”


Virgo People

I made this as a kind of Birthday Card for my friend Ben who, like me, turned 33 in September (happy birthday Ben).

It’s probably not very funny, even if you’ve lived in Huddersfield.

So. News this week. At work poor Vicky (with child and we worry sometimes she’s over doing it) struggled valiantly to launch The Comedy Guide. It’s a sort of IMDB for comedy shows. Really vast. So well done Vix.

The rest of us have launched nothing really but it s been nice to do some more work on the Look Around You site.

Some occaisional visitors noticed I grumble about architecture a lot and I have a thing about shopping centres. I happen to believe that in the future most of the western world will be one big shopping mall.

Does in not strike anyone as odd that we all have a reasonably refined notion of what is ugly (with people, clothes, carpets etc.), yet we tend to accept what we’re given when it comes to buildings?

500 years ago they were building better things than they build today. And a bad environment is like a very slow kick in the head.

Anyway. The Victorians had some notion of what I mean.  They built all our parks and libraries and theatres and piers. Back then the goal was literacy for all and food for the soul.

Today we just build bigger and bigger shopping malls. And little else.

night time thames Published: 21 Sep 2003

David Blaine in a box

This is David Blaine in his box. I was at London Bridge Station tonight and thought I’d pop along.

They have fenced off a big area underneath his box and people queue to go in for a closer look. That’s very British, getting into a queue because it’s there.

He did move a bit. So very entertaining.

Pop idols and fame academics could learn a thing or two.  Stop singing, stop pouting, climb in a box and recline on a grotty duvet. Ker-ching!

BBC ONE dominates the world of Pap-Factual Published: 28 Sep 2003

This will make you vomit. (It made me vomit. I’m writing this with a lap full of vomit.)

You may have noticed there are a lot of pap-factual TV shows on at the moment which centre around things you can do with your house (wish I had one).

Suspecting it may be getting out of hand I counted them. This is how many pap-factual  house/home/buying/selling/improvement/ shows there are on terrestrial TV over five days (between next Monday and next Friday): 65!

And this is how it breaks down:
ITV: 15
Ch4: 15
C5: 1

That’s an average of 13 a day.

Now consider how many shows there are on, say The Asian Music Scene (none), A music programme aimed at the 0ver-16s (one – but only because Johnny Cash died); Computer Games (none); a general science programme of some description (none); a religious programme (none); something about poetry or theatre (none); a film review show (one); a show about Hitler (actually quite a few on Channel Five).

Channel FIVE (bless them) at least have a go at diversity – Monday night: Rome’s Greatest Mummies, then Piranha Attack and later Outback Stripper (the story a group of Strippers who tour the Australian Outback, in a bus). Edifying.


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