Food for thought, Dewsbury

Published: 17 Nov 2003

I almost fell out of bed reading this…

The Guardian Guide to the 150 best Gastropubs in the UK and Ireland has an entry for my hometown of Dewsbury.

Not only that, it gives the establishment in question 10 out of 10.

I left Dewsbury believing the place had all the charm of verruca plaster and all the gastronomic delights of… well, the same.

Shows what I know.

This is what The Guadian said about the West Riding Licensed Refreshment Rooms, Railway Station, Wellington Road:

“Simple food cooked with a generous heart, best sums up the offer at what is possibly Yorkshire’s finest pub. The fact that the aforementioned is served with a genuine smile makes the whole experience doubly refreshing. Top of the heap it may be but the prices are strictly down-to-earth for such noteworthy rib-sticking fare. Pork cops with mustard mash or beef with red wine sauce and rustic-as-you-like potatoes are recommended. Each come with veg and a gladdening gravy and are meritorious to excess. One for the gastrocenti.”

Does anyone in Dewsbury read the Guardian? (Does anyone in Dewsbury read?) I hope so.


One response to “Food for thought, Dewsbury

  1. This place is a fuckin shit hole. I should know I worked there long enuff

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