Christmas December 2003 — December 2003

El Trickey

One of the more human people in charge at work recently set off to South America with his Mrs.

These two are doing the HARD-type travelling. This is no luxury cruise. Gone for a few months I understand. Anyway, they’ve been keeping a rather good Blog.

I get tired feet and sunburn just reading. Here it is…


and also this

A Jeff Lynne based community. Thought you could live without one? Think again…  (you can almost hear a heavy cello arrangement as you click)

And finally, a trip down amnesia lane with Terry Christian:

Christmas in Calderdale

Got off the train at Leeds the day before yesterday and heard those distinctively ‘Up North’ names on the tannoy.

The train on platform 6 is the 14.24 service to Marsden calling at Criggley-wiggley-ton, Twinkledrinkley, Sticky-treacleton, Bowlegged-ricketley Vale and Marsden.

I like Leeds. They’ve been building those yuppie waterfront flats there the last few times I’ve been up, the type seen on the Thames and most other waterfront brown sites. The city feels prosperous – unlike the rest of West Yorks.

The Angel of the North could have been built at Leeds Railway Station but the city council turned it down, claiming it wasn’t a proper sculpture ( like a man on a horse or a cherub peeing ).  Hope they feel right stupid now.

Travel anywhere else in West Yorkshire and it’s as if God has turned the colour down. See the picture of view from my window. So many of the people have been drained of pigmentation too and there’s a pandemic fish and chip chubbiness.

The evening news yesterday claimed that there would be a mad consumerist rush as people splurged on high tech presents. I had a stroll through a pretty desolate retale park today and saw nothing to back this up.

The customers in B&Q were outnumbered by staff three to one. We’re back open on boxing day – they were pleased to tell us. Perhaps the rush was like the so called deluge of snow which ‘covered the North in drifts’. According the BBC Look North we were cut off from the world.

In reality there was some snow in Scarborough but that was about it.

Still to try Dewsbury’s five star Gastro-Pub (who’d have thought we had even a one star gastro-pub?) but presents are all bought and nearly all wrapped. Thanks to the man in B&Q for getting a ladder and finding that last tool belt and drill holster. I wasn’t joining Village People, it’s for my older brother.

B&Q stands for Block and Quayle. Richard Block and David Quayle founded B&Q in 1969. Within ten years it was swallowed up by the big DIY conglomerate Kingfisher. Now you know. Merry Christmas all.


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