Incredible day at the BBC – Published: 29 Jan 2004

Incredible day at the BBC today. Was sat in the canteen when NEWS 24 announced that Greg Dyke had resigned. The room went quiet and someone put the sound up on the TV.

Later there was a seemingly spontaneous walkout by BBC staff, this happened all over the UK. How many bosses could have inspired such a mass movement?

Anyone who has worked at the BBC for more than four years will know what a great DG Greg has been.

He was supportive, attentive, generous with praise and brave in defended the BBC against critical voices. He took the BBC out of the hands of the faceless consultants and gave it back to the producers and editors.

Jon Snow ( on Channel 4 News ) just said something to the effect of: it’s funny that after all the unfounded Government intelligence on WMD (Weapons of Non Existence) that led to the instigation of a war on Iraq, the only casualties have been all the dead soldiers and civilians in Iraq and two bosses at the BBC.

It irks me that Tony Blair, who takes his family to church on Sunday, drops bombs on other people’s children on Monday, comes out of this unscathed. A soundbite and a smile and he’s on his way.

Published: 29 Jan 2004


In other news (life goes on) Congratulations to Tom and Vicky…who just this morning had their first baby, a little girl who (for now) is called ‘Spadger’. Have a look


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