Blogs from Sept 2004

The Slow Loris

The Slow Loris
They prowl around Vietnam at night, eat fruits and birds eggs, are excellent climbers and can reproduce at any time of year. These animals are spiritually akin to Chuck Norris.
Published: 1 Sep 2004


Tim the Sim

It’s been a while since I last blogged. In the last month or so I’ve played Thief 3, Deus Ex Invisible War, Doom 3 and now Sims 2. This has eaten up a lot of evenings.

With the Sims I made a replica of my flat, as close as is possible. In the flat there’s a replica of me and my flat mate.

sim tim and sim rohanIt’s terrifically weird when you think about it. I’m sat at my computer playing a game and so is the sim Tim. When sim Tim goes to the fridge for a snack, so does the real Tim. Sim flat-mate is in the next room playing with a games console and, chances are, so is the genuine item.

In the game, the sim Tim is often left desperate for a pee because the sim flat-mate is in the bathroom. Then moments later that happens in real life.

Thief 3
Verdict… Appallingly stilted and cliched dialogue, piss poor acting and confused historical setting almost caused me to abandon this game. However, there’s a level later in the game that take’s place in a haunted orphanage, this is so amzingly chilling it’s worth sticking with it.

Deus Ex IW
The storyline is extrememly convoluted, much more than the first DEx, and you’re thrown in at the deep end right from the start of the game. The engine is piss-poor, just like the first one. Still, it was quite stylish and had a reasonably engaging ‘stealthy’ gameplay.

Doom 3
Horror and violence on Mars and in Hell. A bit more of a plot than previous Dooms, though nothing like Deus Ex or Thief. Quite a few obviously ‘Half-Life’ homages (or rip-offs depending on your point of view) in this game. The monsters are awesome and Hell is actually quite nice, compared to Shepherds Bush, though toilet facilities are limited as most loos have simply been swallowed up by the molten rock.

Sims 2
Still playing but highly engrossing so far.


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