Herbert Lom – Blogs Posts from June 2004

Oh Dear
I bought one of those electric hair clipper sets yesterday. I tried it this morning on myself without any help. Oh dear.

Published: 12 Jun 2004
‘Pimme’ left this comment on 12 Jun 04
Hehe. It’ll grow back…just remember to use the appropriate plastic guards next time! ;^)
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Flash Mobbing – Victoria Station

Flashmob in Victoria Station

You may have heard of the phenomenon of Flash Mobbing   email-organised events of mass movement. (e.g. a mob of people turn up in the Futon Shop on Tottenham Court Road at a given time, all pat a bed and say that s nice.  Then they leave.)

Well I was in Victoria Station the other evening and witnessed one in action. About 100 people with ipods were disco dancing in and amongst the dreary commuters. It was, needless to say, a bizarre sight. People dancing away and no music to be heard.

There were police there looking on, perhaps worried it was some kind of deviant cult they would have to beat up at some point.

A needlessly aggressive security guard there said filming was prohibited when he saw I had a camera. I was surrounded by people taking pictures with their mobile phones. He had a id card on which said Cape Security  and so we ended up having an argument about how on earth I could possibly know for sure he worked for Victoria Station.

Should you believe someone is a security guard (and do what they tell you) just because he has an id card  was the thrust of my argument. And anyway what harm was I doing? I proceeded to take this picture with him yelling in my ear.

Little Hitler. Nice flash mob.

Published: 17 Jun 2004
‘A visitor’ left this comment on 17 Jun 04
What about “mob-flashing” – where hundreds of people turn up at a public place and take their clothes off? And then an avart-garde photographer artist then takes some pictures of them all.
Mmm – that’s nice…

Ben [ben@nearstars.com]


Today I went to see The Ladykillers (the original) at a cinema in town and guess who was in the audience? I’ll tell you, Herbert Lom, the only survining ladykiller. He got a round of applause when he was identified. The film was great.

‘moog’ left this comment on 17 Jul 04
wow! that is really cool!!
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‘haywood’ left this comment on 8 Jul 04
Thats really cool!
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