November 2004

all my evenings consumed

My copy of Half Life 2 shipped today. I’m so happy. It’s more than a year overdue but it’s more exciting than christmas. Actually christmas is rubbish so bad comparison.

Published: 15 Nov 2004
‘A visitor’ left this comment on 21 Nov 04
Jokl just came across your blog. Nothing else to do on a sunday night except to search for jokl on the web. Been a long time since I sore your face and it would seem from your site that our hair lines have gone in the same direction.Well if you get this it would be good to hear from you.
nathan Evans []

G Man Spotted
Half-Life 2 continues to amaze. Just like the first Half-Life game, if you keep your eyes open you sometimes see, off in the distance, a G man with a briefcase. Who is he? What does he want? Perhaps it’s Peter Mandleson.

Published: 22 Nov 2004

‘A visitor’ left this comment on 23 Nov 04
Goshdarnit. I’ve failed to spot him so far, and I’m ahead of Tim Jokl (Citizen 17, London) on this game.
I shall have to keep my eyes “peeled”.

Ben Ranson

Half-Life 2 first look at lavs

Been playing this game for about a week now and so far only spotted one shitter. And here it is…

I reckon I have enough screengrabs of PC game toilets to do a proper quiz one of these days. I feel sure it’s what the world has been waiting for.

The game has been superb so far apart from the motion sickness. I have to limit myself to about an hour a go otherwise I need to go hunting for a real lavvy.

Recent films I thought were good enough to mention…

1. My Summer of Love
Don’t be a) put off b) encouraged to see just because there are lezzie bits in this. There’s much more to it than that. It reminded me of Educating Rita. Working class girl meets middleclass prentention, and likes it.

2. The Corporation
If you don’t hate corporations and don’t understand why other people do, here’s your perfect primer. Monsanto, from its early outings with agent orange and then onwards and upwards to cancer inducing cowsmilk. Nike, Walmart, Pfizer and on and on, all yer biggies expose their dark and thoroughly repugnent undersides.

3. Bad Santa
Started well, got very dull in the middle, got funny again at the end. It’s kind of a one joke film but different from just about all other Christmas films in that an utterly dispicable man (a department store santa) just refuses to soften up and get the spirit of Christmas.

4. NASCAR The Imax Experience
Of course, I’m joking.

Published: 23 Nov 2004


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