Attack Decay Sustain Release – Published: 11 Jan 2005

Check this out. Someone has made a documentary about Bob Moog, mild mannered synthesizer-inventing dude of legend.

Watch the trailer and you see a very brief snippet of Rick Wakeman.


‘Pimme’ left this comment on 11 Jan 05
Those were the days…when equipment took up half a room. ;^)
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Spirit and Opportunity – Published: 26 Jan 2005

You know an interesting thing that my friend Ben pointed out the other day was that NASA’s Mars rovers are still doing their thing, taking pictures. I thought they’d done their job and had stopped. They were supposed to have a safe battery life of 90 days but they seem to be recharging (with solar energy) sufficiently well to keep on moving about. They are still going strong nearly one year on. Here’s a very recent picture:


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