Conkerers – Published: 18 Dec 2004

A photo from the last trip I took home in October. Nephews Jacob and Saul playing conkers.

Some schools have banned this fine and mostly harmless pastime. Other schools make kids wear protective goggles. These two lads had a lot of fun after we finally got some conkers strung.

We found it easy enough to make a hole through them with a bradawl but struggled to get the string threaded. Maybe there’s a better way but we eventually managed by first threading some bare wire which we used to pull the string through.

The conkers were all pretty soft and they got through loads of them. I was pretty much relegated to conker stringer after the initial game.

Big Shift About – Published: 18 Dec 2004

In the middle of a big clear out of things in the flat I find that I have accumulated a lot of stuff.

Way too many (13 and counting) phono to stereo minijack cables. How do people end up with so many? I have about 5 more in my drawer at work.

Loads of cables, the purpose of which has been lost. Cables with lots of pins which split into phonos and svhs and goodness knows what else. Yesterdays connections.

Ribbon cables and computer port adapter-type things that the rational half of my brain says are now obsolete but which I worry about trashing just in case one day I find I still need.

Cassettes. You have to keep them, right? I know they won’t be collectable like vinyl but I used to tape over bought cassettes when I got bored with them – so who knows what’s on them. And who really has the time to find out?

Birthday cards. What do you do with them? I mean the ones from people you like that have reasonably lengthy messages inside. Should they stay or should they go?

Just about every model of budget soundcard and grfxcard dating all the way back to 1993.

Disks with drivers on? They must go. You can get them online. But what if you suddenly need a particular driver in order to get online? Dammit.

A bag full of springs, assorted sizes. Found myself thinking ‘but you might need some little springs one day – and where would you get them?’ – they’ve been binned but it was a tough moment.

Nice things I’ve found… a picture of a girlfriend from years ago looking sexy as hell. Memories.

My favourite pen, lost ages back and still works, it’s even more my favourite pen now.

A book of music manuscript in which I’d written a load of songs when I was about 18. Piss poor adolescent lyrics like ‘you gotta be strong / anything less would be wrong’ …Mm.

Some Good News

Heroic battle of ordinary people and common sense vs faceless greedy corporations. Common sense wins – after years of campaigning.


One response to “Conkerers – Published: 18 Dec 2004

  1. Great mono tones while the motion blur adds a dynamic element to the shot… thanks for sharing!
    Susie 🙂

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