IKEA …shop or die trying – Published: 12 Feb 2005

The Swedish mega-store has a growing history of shopping and death 

Incident One
10th Feb 2005 – Several people were hurt in the crush as thousands flocked to the midnight opening of Ikea’s newest store. Bargain-hunters even abandoned their cars on the A406 north circular causing severe traffic problems, police said. “People became agitated and eventually they started trying to charge the doors.”

Incident Two
So while that is fresh in our minds, see if you can recall this from september 2004: A stampede of hundreds of shoppers in western Saudi Arabia has left at least three people crushed to death. Three people, trampled to death, in a rush for self-assembly furniture.

Incident Three
New Ikea in Edinburgh brings city to a stand still. “Despite earlier warnings, shoppers have flocked to the new store creating tailbacks as far as the Lothianburn junction of the Edinburgh bypass.” Prior to this opening 15,000 Scots would travel south of the border every week to Gateshead, to find their nearest Ikea.

Incident Four
Ikea opens in Leeds, West Yorkshire, one dead. This wasn’t reported in the national news, only the local press. The day Ikea opened traffic came to a standstill for miles around. The new store is situated by a very busy stretch of the M62 Motorway and in the chaos there were accidents, one person was killed. It wasn’t clear if that person was actually after some flatpack furniture, or was just the innocent victim of over-eager shoppers.



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crazy, man!!
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