Look Around You – Published: 1 Feb 2005

The only science programming currently on the BBC is a spoof science programme called Look Around You.

Inventor of the Week, Leonard Hatred demonstrates his spray-can noise blocker ‘Psilence’ on presenter Peter Packard.

From an interview with Robert Popper (co-creator of Look Aroun You)….

Collective: Which particular vision of the future do you like best and why?

Robert: I like the vision of the 1430s as proposed by the people of the 1390s. They thought that ruffs would still be in.

‘Dogs Must Be Carried’ left this comment on 5 Feb 05
I’m left wondering whatever happened to those synthesizers with built-in security alarms. Oh, yeah – they all got used on dodgy Italian dance records in the late 80s… Good old Synthesizer Patel.

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Do the Crawl 
Published: 5 Feb 2005

So, commiserations to Daisy, baby-racer and one year old daughter of Tom and Vicky … She took part in one of Dick and Dom’s baby races this morning but didn’t really get off the blocks.

Dick and Dom in da Bungalow is a surprising funny (for adults) kids programme on Saturday Mornings. The racing of crawling babies is only one small part of the chaotic silliness.

My favourite ‘feature’ is a puppet cat who seems to be doing a weekly ‘Crap Towns‘ report. This week Letchworth Garden City… which truly is a crap town.

Need laughs? Visit the Letchworth Garden City website. Grief.

Also This Week…

Saw a film called Sideways which was one of those no-budget wonder-films. Excellent, funny, moving buddy movie stuff. You feel like you’ve had a little holiday after leaving the cinema and you’ve learn a lot about wine without really trying to.


‘Dogs Must Be Carried’ left this comment on 5 Feb 05
Bogeys is about the only funny thing on Dick & Dom (apart from when they have to apologise for wearing risque t-shirts to keep their jobs). The rest of it is sub-Tiswas drivel or, as you highlight, nicked from successful coffee table / toilet books such as The Idler’s Crap Towns series.
Bring back Sally James, I say.

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