Posts from December 2004

Published: 2 Dec 2004

Once it’s gone it’s gone

Landmark Dublin cafes will close

Wonder what they’ll turn it into? My guess, a Carphone Warehouse.
Published: 6 Dec 2004

On british TV you get
…on average 62 programmes a week devoted to buying/selling/decorating houses.

Pretty sad really. Especially when you condsider how many science programmes there are. Actually I can’t think of a single one. And this is a shame given the extraodindary things going on in the world.
…Like Burt Rutan winning the X Prize, for example. Surely a TV series in that?


Every Little Helps… them

You hate tesco and will never shop there. Come on, say it with me.

They are monopolistic bastards. What you buy in your local Tesco contributes to a crime against ordinary working people somewhere else. Repeat and believe. Every little helps only them.

What started as a big boys pissing competition with Sainsburys in the 90s has ended with them being more powerful than god. And they ain’t benevolent.

Some Reading (every little you read helps)

Farming Heriatge Buggered up the bum by Tesco.

They can’t pay farmers a fair price for milk becuase they only made a profit of £822million in the first half of this year. They can’t afford to offer sick pay either.

They have time to destroy our heritage though and shit on local people. They lower their prices to destroy local traders and produce suppliers, then raise them again when they control the market. They expand expand expand until there’s nothing else to buy up but your local corner shop.

Hold on to your culture. And if you’re still not troubled by Tesco read this.


‘A visitor’ left this comment on 8 Dec 04
I stopped shopping in Testos donkey’s years ago – realising back then that they were the Great Satan of UK supermarkets. I’d always try to go to Sainsbury’s where I could – Waitrose even better.
As for Walmart – I refuse to shop there – despite knowing I could get low prices on anything from legumes to DVDs and books from a politically adjusted inventory. They are now even having these oh-so-obvious-bullshit-PR ads on TV saying how wonderful they are to their employees. When a company does that, they’ve already lost public support.


‘Pimme’ left this comment on 7 Dec 04
Exactly like Wal-Mart. (Read my entry from yesterday about Wal-Mart).

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‘Randall Bott’ left this comment on 7 Dec 04
Sounds like Walmart in the U.S. Make incredible profits but don’t pay decent wages or provide health care.
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