Cyberpoet999 – Published: 6 Mar 2005

A friend at work turned me onto this …On the BBC’s Get Writing website there’s this guy (think it’s a guy) who is submitting very short stories and stuff in the guise of a bad writer, actually it’s all very funny. Start Reading Here. If you’re out there cyberpoet999, just want to say you have a fan.


Tim‘ left this comment on 17 Mar 05
down the toilet. Bit of a waste really.Visit me @

Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 16 Mar 05
Where’s it all going to go when the BBC axes the site at the end of the month, I wonder?Visit me @

A visitor‘ left this comment on 9 Mar 05
Come on, come clean. This Cyberpoet dude is none other than yourself right? I’ve exposed your thinly disguised attempt at self-promotion. Sure, I was turned down by MI5 (or rather they never got back to me). So what? My Machiavellian mind can see what your trying to do. OK. Got to go. Mum’s calling me for dinner.adamsapple



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