Daniel Corbett – Weather Man or Weather Maestro – Published: 13 Apr 2005

Is this the greatest weatherman of all time? I think he just might be. He’s all weatherman with an added 10% ballerina.

He presents weather as high end modern dance and pitch-perfect monologue. He certainly cacks all over Carol Kirkwood (not literally, that would be deeply unsound and wrong).

Most other weatherpersons shuffle onto the screen with the conceited air of someone who has an important message that only they can impart. They stand there smirking in their M&S suits and believe we’re interested in their squint-eyed prophecies. 

Corbett, on the other hand, is a flamboyant uncle who adds such a degree of finesse to the routine it almost makes the predictions irrelevant. He is, quite simply, theatre.

Find out more about Daniel Corbett.

And we like eccentricity a lot here, so we must big up the Dan Corbett Fan Blog.



A visitor‘ left this comment on 1 Mar 07
I have just set up a facebook group called ‘Weather forecasters have such enchantingly beautiful hand movements’ (join it! support magical dan and his fellows!), and we are all very excited to find that there is a similar following here, with particular focus on the wonderful dan. Hurrah! watching dan dance his way around the british isles and listening to his witty banter is the highlight of my day! long live mr corbett and his dazzling white teeth!
A visitor‘ left this comment on 26 Jun 05
Without a doubt, my favourite weatherman on BBC or indeed any television channel. I find myself completely ignoring the actual weather, simply watching him energetically and enthusastically swishing around and pointing at rainclouds is hypnotic.
A visitor‘ left this comment on 28 Apr 05
He has definitely got the whitest teeth I have ever seen.monkeyseemonkeydo

Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 16 Apr 05
Thanks for putting that image in my mind. He is very…nice, isn’t he? And a dead ringer for Gary Rhodes’ older brother too…Visit me @ http://dogsmustbecarried.blog-city.com/



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