Destroy Middle Management – Published: 25 Mar 2006

Here’s a funny little idea, I hope you’ll join in with…

There’s a lot of buzz around right now about the concept of Web 2.0. Great. Lot’s of people in middle management are fretting about it, using the term a lot and not really knowing what it means.

I suggest we all start acting like Web 2.0 is actually a new version of the web that will be launched, let’s say December 10th 2006.

Stand in the queue in the staff canteen, or wherever, and say audibly “…they finally agreed a launch date for Web 2.0. December 10th 2006. Doesn’t give us much time…” – then drift off or start talking about how dead the Star Trek franchise is.

Tiny-brained dead-eyed earwigging lackeys in middle management are bound to get wind, and start having little heart attacks.

Ha, and indeed, ha.



A visitor‘ left this comment on 26 Mar 06
Genius… if only I had a job!


Ringing True –  Published: 27 Mar 2006

Nice little website about a group of bellringers from Yorkshire.

(Not the church-type bellringers who pull ropes and hilariously disappear up the tower in comedy sketches, but the kind that stand in a row holding two bells each and watch for their two notes to come up on the sheet music.)


Armando Iannucci Quotes – Published: 28 Mar 2006

Armando Iannucci

Armando Iannucci

I suspect, as he gets older, Armando will become more quoteable than George Bernard Shaw.

Here’s a nice one for starters…

“Everything is bullshit. A weight drops from your shoulders when you realise that every institution is run by people who make it up as they go along. Even the head of Coca-Cola probably asks on a daily basis: ‘What do we do now?'”

More Armando quotes here


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