Dough Boy – Published: 24 Sep 2005

I haven’t blogged for a wee while and it’s taken a change in what I eat for breakfast to provide the inspiration.

These self-bake croissants (astonishingly hard to find) are fab and, besides being dead nice to eat fresh out of the oven in the morning, they fill your home with a pleasant bakery smell.

A small branch of Tescos nr work has them, in tubes of six, and my local mini-Sainsbury’s, where I buy ’em, have them in tubes of four. I’ve never seen them anywhere else, not even bigger branches of those two supermarket chains. What kind of insanity is that, readers?

The Pillsbury Dough Company used to have a range of self-bake Danishes on the market here in the UK which were delicious.

Sadly they withdrew these and now they are only available in the genetically modified United States. I wrote to them and asked why I couldn’t get them any more and this was their reply:

Dear Mr Jokl

Thank you for contacting us with your enquiry about our Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls.

We are sorry to have to advise you that this product is not currently available for retail in the U.K. We conduct extensive consumer research and results have shown that the majority of our consumers have a preference for other types of product or flavour.

We realise that this will be a disappointment for some of our consumers. However, we would like to reassure you that we constantly monitor and update our range of retail products. Your comments have been documented and the appropriate personnel have been notified.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We hope that you will continue to enjoy products in the future.

Yours sincerely,

A. Bristow
Consumer Relations
I love that their extensive research shows that “consumers have a preference for other types of product or flavour” and not that “We found people didn’t like ’em or tended to be sick”

… Another funny thing is that in the US, Pillsbury have a rival range of self-bake croissants – but they call them ‘Pillsbury Crescents’ – here crescents are where Dickensian toffs live. Am I rambling?


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