Tesco Scans You Darkly – Published: 13 Jun 2005

So, I’ve bored all my friends to death with how much I hate Tescos but just read this. Just read the first paragraph if nothing else.

I wonder if even the great Sci-Fi genius and predictor of future corporate horridness, Philip K Dick, could have foreseen that Supermarkets would grow so powerful that they have no compunction, feel no need to seek permission before attempting to spy on you.

Tesco: the testosterone powered supermarket

Bugs in the packaging. Tracing your movements. Tagging you, essentially. Surely just a dark sci-fi idea? But no. I mean, the government at least has a debate about such things as ID cards; Tesco just glibly go ahead and do what they want to do, in secret.

If you find that disturbing, don’t shop there.

(If you feel you must still shop there, at least switch few items around each time you go, just to annoy them.)


A visitor‘ left this comment on 17 Jun 05
Yeah, but imagine: instead of unloading your trolley and heaving all your shopping onto that conveyor belt; only for it to be beep…beep…beeped before you struggle with plastic bags and heave it all back into your trolley…Fill your trolley, roll it – with all its radio-tagged packages – through some sort of airport-style gate and… BEEP! That’s how much you owe us – thanks; and there’s your receipt – cheers then!

Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 14 Jun 05
This is working on the assumption that the people who work at your local branch of Tesco are intelligent enough to stock the shelves with product in the first place – and that the product isn’t rotting away underneath its microchip. Unfortunately, though, mine is slap bang in the middle of four branches of Sainsbury’s and we all know what they’re like with their product range and supply chain.

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