Biscuit Face – Published: 12 May 2005

A lot of people say to me, they say Tim, how on earth did you become the man you are today? To which I usually reply, by reading other people’s newspapers on the train. That and onanism.

But enough gay banter. Two people have noticed I haven’t blogged for a while. I’m making amends today, despite having lots to do. My audience obviously feels let down.

So to kick off, here’s a fantastic link: This site has hundred of classic books that you can download – in most cases as text files but in many cases as mp3s, so you can listen to, for example, Tess of the Hoovervilles by Thomas Horny as you eat a humble breakfast before work. Sure, that’s what Timmy does.

Here’s another handy little tool for music lovers. Commercial Breaks and Beats. If you hear a song you like used in a TV ad (like recently when I was so keen to find that Crisp and Dry music) this site will help you track down what it is.

I can’t tell you any of my significant news cos it’s a secret. In lesser news, I recently bought a Bronica ETRSi which has been an ambition since sixth form. Medium format cameras have crashed in price, entirely because of digital photography. They are still magic, require some skill and make you feel like a photographer.

I have to scrub the bath now, but I’ll be back with more.


Fixni Fixdi Fixci

We Came, We Saw, We Fixed.

Many thanks to my oldest pal Ben and to the friendly folk at Technical Support Forums who helped me muster the nerve to fix my broken, sickly computer by myself – rather than fork out £££s to have it repaired at a London fixit shop. It was a major triumph of inner courage and frugality.

My machine went dead two weeks ago and it was like losing a family member. It’s ressurection was better than Christmas (surely Easter – ed).

In other news…

The Goodies have been touring in Australia. I found a blog entry from someone (clearly a big fan) who’d seen a show… Read the report.


‘A visitor’ left this comment on 26 May 05
Hooray for technology!
I get jumpy if my computer is switched off; only to boot it up, look at your blog, then immediately run out of things to do. What’s with that?

On the hardware note: I switched on my new soundcard at the weekend, then looked at my receipt. It’s been 9 clear months since I bought and installed it. 9 months doing nothing! Is that fear? Lethargy? I don’t know. Perhaps my massive tower of a PC *can* do more than show the Web and check email. Sheesh! Couldn’t even the Z80 do that?


‘A visitor’ left this comment on 26 May 05
Glad I could help.
Thing about computers is – they are much easier to work on now than they used to be. And parts are so cheap – so no-one should be ripping anyone off anymore when it comes to computer repair.

Tim, when are we going to do a blog entry about Ken Morse, The Rostrum King?


‘A visitor’ left this comment on 25 May 05
I know what your secret is! 🙂
Joanna Beardsmore []



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