Christmas present ideas #46: Celebrational Ford Sierra DVD – Published: 13 Aug 2006


Ford Sierra dvd

Ford Sierra - The DVD

This morning, while browsing, I found this hidden treasure whilst, coincidentally, searching for The ‘Treasure’ of Sierra Madre.

The History of the Ford Sierra DVD. 1 hour and 26 glorious minutes exclusively devoted to world’s most uninspired, middle-management fleet-car and all-round P.O.S.

It costs £12.99, which is roughly what a second hand Ford Sierra might costs once you take the radio out.

This is what the blurb says: The history of the Ford Sierra, one of the blue oval marque’s most successful ever models, featuring archive footage.

Someone presumably had to explore that archive. And we think our troops in Afghanistan have suffered. Tsk.

Before you ask, yes they also released DVDs covering the Ford Escort, the Fiesta (only an hour long that one, weird), the Cortina and the Capri.

Nothing from Vauxhall yet but surely just a matter of them finding someone with the right mental resilience prepared to face that archive. 

Personally I’ll be saving my money for Exhilaration! The Vauxhall Corsa Story.

Published: 13 Aug 2006 Tags: the ford sierra


Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 26 Aug 06
I can’t wait for the Ford GT DVD. If the car’s as bad as Clarkson’s experiences suggests it is, the DVD will probably cause people’s players to explode (or something).
A visitor‘ left this comment on 21 Aug 06
Ok, so the humble Ford Sierra doesn’t quite make the grade but surely you’re having a bubble bath if you think the Ford Sierra “Cosworth” ain’t a good motor!! Good lord I was conceived in the back of one for christ sake!
A visitor‘ left this comment on 14 Aug 06
According to “The Secret Life of Machines” and “Top Gear” the Sierra estate car is the perfect car for doing stunt rolls because of it’s almost cylindrical shape. It now holds the record for 6 sideways rolls.

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