End of the Road for Totally Demented Vehicle – Published: 13 May 2006

The Hummer

Enough rednecks and gangsta rappers have come to their senses to cause a serious fall in demand for the Hummer. It will be discontinued.

This car was once considered a status symbol (the achieved status here presumably being that of  ‘Grade A F*ckwit’).

The truck did a gas-haemorrhaging 10 miles to the gallon on the flat and was an instant hit with the rich and stupid, people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example.

The Hummer (also known as The Completely Wrong P.O.S.) was launched in 1992 and was designed along the principle that the oil’s nearly all gone, so let’s drive something that not only conspicuously squanders what’s left, but also makes you look like a militaristic meat-headed misanthrope.

The insecurity-mobile, built for small-time fascists, gun-nuts and pimps, weighs four tons. It cost $130,000 and doesn’t fit in parking spaces.


A visitor‘ left this comment on 13 May 06
That’s probably why ol’ Jeremy Clarkson loved it too eh?___________________

Iannucci News from From Cookd and Bombd… Published: 12 May 2006

Here’s some great comedy-related news…The Armando Iannucci Shows have finally been cleared for a DVD release, and it will be available in May with some slight music changes.

This news comes courtesy of benthalo, who actually organised the internet campaign to get the shows released. So, if you sent an email or letter then it wasn’t in vain, your support was crucial to securing this release.


Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 16 May 06
He’s so good at telly.

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