Liverpool – introducing its all new private police force and gated city centre – Published: 28 Sep 2006

Butt-raped by the Tories, now ‘stolen’ and sold off by Labour, Liverpool is being used in yet another of John Precott’s piss-poor PFI experiments.

If you think any of that stuff I spew about Tesco and ‘High Street Anywhere’ is appalling, you’ll die a little inside when you consider what they are currently doing to city centre Liverpool. 

43 acres at the heart of this city has been demolished to build shit like this… (See picture of shitty thing below.) Gosh how happy we’ll all be. People from all over Europe will flock to Liverpool because it has the newest, sparkliest versions of all the same chainstores you can find everywhere else.

And they’ve called it The Paradise Project

The faded splendour of Liverpool’s past is not to be restored, cherished and passed on to other generations. It is to be flattened so that Specsavers can expand. Now that’s short-sighted.

It is also – horror of horrors – privatized! Liverpool sold the whole area, public rights of way and everything, on a 250 year lease to a private company (Grosvenor). So, thanks to John Prescott, Liverpool city centre will have it’s own gated rules, it’s own privately run police force, you’ll have to conform to how the Grosvenor greedsters want you to behave when you cross into their domain… 

And so Liverpool becomes a Philip K Dick novel.

Liverpool One


Anna Minton’s work is concerned with other zones of conflict, subtler or more hidden, and worryingly closer to home. In her illustrations about how space is being privatised a shocking first emerged about Liverpool.

This is the first British city to agree to privatise part of its centre. The Grosvenor Paradise Project, covering 42 acres in the heart of the city, due for completion in time for 2008, is to be privately managed. Traditional rights of way will be replaced by ‘public realm arrangements’ policed by Grosvenor’s own ‘quartermasters’ or ‘sheriffs’, in which beggars, skateboarders and protesters will be outlawed.

Grosvenor will buy-in facilities like security and waste management, usurping the local authority’s role in its own city centre. “We are now seeing a real urban renaissance. A new Agenda – A new urbanism,” says John Prescott on the Paradise Project website.

The full, alarming article on the same subject… gives you an insight into the tiny PFI-addled mind of John Prescott.

Shopping for tat is what out economy is now based on. That’s the great, great sadness here I feel.

Also it is sad that, to the current generation of politicians, the success of a town or city is measured entirely on whether people shop there.



A visitor‘ left this comment on 17 Oct 06
How will anyone tell the difference from normal though?
Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 14 Oct 06
So that’ll be riots in Liverpool in the spring of 2009, then. Excellent.



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