Shepherds Bush Roundabout Blue Tower Thing Explained (finally) – Published: 12 Jun 2006

Shepherds bush roundabout

Having lived in the area for nearly 10 years, I thought I knew what this odd looking thing was. Plonked on the edge of Shepherds Bush roundabout, like some giant chemical toilet, I always thought is was simply a solar-powered water feature. Sun shines, blue water cascades. That simple.

I’ve also heard many people explain it away as something Thames Water built that reflects the level of water available in London’s reservoirs. But that’s not it either.

It is called the Thames Water Ring Main Tower (this title may have caused the confusion) and was built in 1994 to celebrate the completion of a giant ring main which “serves” London.

It is actually a (wait for it) fifteen metre high barometer. Now you know.



Tim‘ left this comment on 29 Jun 06
The same!And they had such confidence in it they build the momument in shepherds bush, next to a small shed and some sick.

Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 29 Jun 06
Wait, is that the ring main that was built so that London would never have to endure a drought ever again? Just wondering.

Work in progress…unions the guys who brought you the weekend

Good old Noelie Edmonds
He makes us larf and larf
We’re all such Telly Addicts
We’d watch him in the bath.

Oh wonderful Noel Edmonds
Swap Shop made you great
On Late Late Breakfast some dude died
But you cleaned that off your plate.

Man of the people Edmonds
Devised the ‘TV Stunt’.
Deal or no deal, we want you.
Chris Tarrant is a

I wish you’d throw a House Party
Every single night
To prove to folks all round the world
You’re not a sack of shite.

Though Blobby gives me nightmares,
Its a tiny price to pay
I’d deal with any trauma
To have you back to stay.

Some clips in tribute to your greatness.


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