Zoning Out – Published: 8 Oct 2006

congestion charge cameras

New Congestion Charge cameras appeared last week at the bottom of Holland Park Avenue. Protest all you like, they’re going ahead with the expansion.

Sadly it’s so expensive to use public transport in London, there’s little incentive to leave the car behind. If that is indeed the aim. Nicer to be sat in grid-locked traffic in your own car than on a bus.

Now that the Routemaster bus, the greatest transit innovation London ever had, has been decommissioned, buses have become small red prisons you can get on, but can’t get off.

Transport for London says: “As part of the Mayor‘s Transport Strategy, congestion charging will also be accompanied by a wide range of measures designed to make public transport easier (use an Oyster card – or a “Seek Assistance” Card as some call it), cheaper (are you kidding? It’s the most expensive in the world!), faster (gridlocked) and more reliable (are we taking about the same public tranpsort system???).”



Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 14 Oct 06
Ah, yes…Oyster…the only card in one’s wallet for which one will never receive a statement. Which means TfL can get away with charging people what it likes when it likes…

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