Lovely, Lovely Robots – Published: 20 Dec 2006

Asimo robotModern life is rubbish. It can’t be argued, it just is.

That said, some recent inventions are so unbelievably cool I find I’m awestruck. Like Honda’s Asimo robots. They walk up stairs, they wave their chunky hands, they carry drinks on trays, just like we always wanted robots to do.

Maybe I’m sick, but I just can’t wait for one of these shiny angelic mechanoids to go mental and kill someone.

Wrong, I know. But you just can’t grow up on a diet of Judge Dread and Star Wars and not feel that these little fellas need to run amok in the Honda staff canteen before they can graduate to the designation of ‘proper robot’.

And I’m sure they’d be very efficient killers. Honda doesn’t build rubbish.


Tim‘ left this comment on 4 Jan 07
Actually I read up on this and there was an instance of a robot killing a human as far back as the mid 70s. It was on a car plant production line. The robot just crushed the guy. Cold, evil, emotionless robot. Nice, oily, dead human.
A visitor‘ left this comment on 28 Dec 06
Do you think if they could speak they would have the same slow, deep, gravel voice as the guy in the Honda advert? “Hmmmmmm………………………howwwwwwwwwwww about sommmmmeeeee……………….cofffeeeeeeeeeeee my maaaaaaaaaaster…”
That would drive me insane. “Get a fucking move on and say what you want to say!!!”
Dave‘ left this comment on 25 Dec 06
I’m sorry to break this to you, but unfortunately, the future hasn’t quite arrived yet…

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