More Not-Evil Robots – Published: 4 Jan 2007

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Broken!

opportunity-mars-roverBoth Spirit and Opportunity – the incredibly well-built Mars Rovers – continue into their fourth year on the red (actually grey) planet.

Not only are they still working, they occasionally get software updates transmitted to them, much the same way you might upgrade the ‘ware’ on your mobile phone.

I imagine they need to wander about quite a bit to find a good signal.

Between them they’ve sent back about 170,000 pictures of Mars. Well done Rovers.

Sending so many pictures back from a trip to quite a dull place makes you robots more human than you could ever comprehend. 

…And thanks to Dave for shattering my illusions about the Asimo robots (see links). So they fall over? All I can say is they are better at going upstairs than Daleks.


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