Russell Lee, Marion Post Wolcott, Jack Delano Photography – Published: 24 Jan 2007

One of the greatest free galleries I know is the The Photographer’s Gallery. It’s quite near Leicester Square tube station.

It’s a small gallery (actually two small galleries a few doors apart) and you can have a meaningful experience there without suffering much museum-foot.

Anyway, the show they have on there at the moment – Bound For Glory, America in Colour 1939 to 1943 – is one of the best things they’ve ever done in my humble-as-a-sock opinion.

It’s only on for another few days, so see it if can.

The photos are all tail-end of the depression, scenes of everyday life in rural communities. Hot days, simple food, hard working migrants, shoeless kids in dungerees, simple pleasures at the county fair. If you have ever read, or ever do read, a novel based in dustbowl America, these pictures will bring that country all the more to vivid life.

Photographed by Russell Lee

by photographer Marion Post Wolcott

photographer Jack Delano


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