Billy Joel buys new hat – Published 9 Feb 2007

Yes, you’re thinking, now there’s a headline.

Billy Joel has indeed a new hat. It has a very narrow brim. Hardly there at all. It’s practically a fez.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m a fan. As as a 14yr old I queued up for a the L.P. Innocent Man, why younger teens were purchasing Meat is Murder. That takes nerve.

Billy Joel, Hat 

And I like him enough to follow not just his music but his sartorial leanings. He has just released his first song (that’s song, not album) for 13 years. Some might call that laziness and, though I like this guy, so do I.

Anyway, I must be a fan to even bother checking in on him after a ‘dry’ period big than five or six normal-sized pop career. Calling it a dry patch is like calling Arizona a dry patch. But I can forgive.

He’s not exactly pushing any boundaries with this new song either. You wait 13 years for a new song and an old one turns up. It’s like a cellar-blues type thing that wouldn’t have sounded out of place if Sam had sung it in Casablanca. Listen to the song and see that hat here: 


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