Blade Runner – Published 20 Aug 2007

When you pass the Shepherds Bush Vue Cinema there’s a red LED notice board which claims: “No One Does Cinema Like Vue”.

This is true. No one does cinema like Vue. Most cinemas put some heating on, for example, or turn the lights off during the film.

I was thinking that, some time ago, possibly some years ago, I saw a cinema trailer at the Shepherds Bush Vue for a film starring Robin Williams as a satirical TV comic who becomes President. Did that one ever turn up over here? Seemed like a nice idea.

And there was a trailer for one called Outsourced, about an American who goes to India after part of his company is outsource there. He falls in love (I think) with an Indian girl and lives Bolly ever after.

Films that are promoted but never arrive… It’s like they’re messing with our minds. 

Anyway, I waffle. I just wanted to draw attention to the forthcoming Blade Runner: The Final Cut.

Here’s a trailer. Watch closely for new bits (or should that be nude bits?).


A visitor‘ left this comment on 20 Aug 07
Wicked! That’ll prolly be the first HD-DVD I’ll get.By the way, that Robin Williams film is called “Man Of The Year”, and it’s excellent.

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