HD Ready and Waiting – Published 24 Sep 2007

A lot of people have bought HD Ready tellies recently. Most of them probably watch their TV of an evening and think ‘…wonder what High Def TV actually looks like on this thing?’

They sit and wonder because there is no HD TV to watch.

It’s really not worth buying a HD DVD player until a) we know which HD format has won the HD vs Blu-ray battle and b) there are more films than just Doom and The Chronicles Of Riddick: The Director’s Cut available to buy.

What I didn’t fully realise was that it’s perfectly possible to send HD TV through the air, the way Telly usually travels. It’s just not possible to send very much of it.

Ofcom, the Telly Regulatory Board, wants high def channels on digital terrestrial TV (Freeview). We the people do too, surely.

But there is an argument going on about this right now: cram three or four High Def channels on Freeview, along with all the channels that are already there, or launch a whole new multiplex (a bunch of channels on a broadcast frequency).

This second option would involve millions of squids, probably a lot of wire, and many of us having to invest in a new TV ariel. You may remember this ariel problem happened before, when digital TV first arrived. (Cost me £95 quid to get mine sorted, sat down to watch Granada Men and Motors and, boy, did I feel short-changed.) 

My view is that I just want to see some HD – so pick the quick option, please.

New Job and Dan Corbett

Started a new job last week (which I sort of hate already, hope they don’t read this blog). In this new role I have a TV on my desk. I was cheered up by seeing Dan “Nureyev of the Isobars” Corbett, the world’s most graceful weatherman.

Dan Corbett

Some greenery and a lake

And the office has quite a relaxing artificial setting too. Which is nice and makes me think of Logan’s Run.


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