Stationery Corner – Published 13 Apr 2007

Lamy take on Rotring in Pen-copying Deviousness

There just aren’t enough serious articles about stationery. Fact.

As someone who believes in stationery like V Beckham believes in hair products, I think I must write more on this subject.


To start then, I want to bring some recent developments to light for all you fountain pen enthusiasts out there. 

For the last few years if you wanted a long, slender, slightly pretentious, arty fountain pen for writing and drawing, there was only the Rotring Art Pen.

Rotring, based in Hamburg, won our hearts and fingers with this slim, black Füllfederhalter. Whenever you used it, it said of you: ‘this guy likes to write with a long, thin, black plastic fountain pen and my god isn’t he sexy and mysterious!’

But then Lamy, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer of the German ‘Master Pen’ and long-time rival, came along an introduced the Lamy Joy – a suspiciously similar product!


Similar but with improvements? you ask. Well yes and no. It feels nicer, looks artsier (yes that is a word), it has a hole so you can see how your ink cartridge is doing and it has a red piping pocket clip – I assume that is meant to bring the ‘Joy’.

If nothing else it certainly brings back memories of 80’s kitchen fittings and the first VW Golf.

rotring art penThe silver nibs come off too, should you want a different thickness of line (1.1, 1.5 or 1.9 mm chisel point are available). The man in the pen shop showed me a trick for getting them off using sticky tape.

With the Rotring you have to buy a whole new pen, which I actually like since I have the money and like pens.

However, despite that Mercedes/BMW-style rivalry and ink-based one-upmanship, the Rotring is still better to write with. And draw with. Simple as that.

Stationery News END.

Lamy Joy…

Lamy Joy


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