Close Encounters of the Morrison’s Kind – Published: 17 Aug 2008

It’s one minute to eleven on a Sunday Morning and dozens of people have assembled at the doors of Morrisons, Shepherds Bush. People from yards around, acting on impulses they can’t explain, have felt compelled to come to this place, to watch and wait….


Then suddenly there’s a bright light, strange humanoid forms appear at the dazzling portal… There’s a sudden rush of air, the smell of fresh bread and not so fresh fish… Perhaps this is where Spielberg stood when he had his idea for…

close encounters of the third kind


Christian‘ left this comment on 17 Aug 08

Over-packaged Item of the Week

Astonishingly over-packaged vitamins from Morrisons. The 30 tablets you get [yes, the amount in the picture] barely cover the bottom of the thick, sturdy plastic container with an over-engineered safety lid. Well done Morrisons.

Vitamin C


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