Modern Life is Rubbish #2892 The Sun – Published: 21 Oct 2007

I keep seeing this advert on the side of London buses and I wanted to write something pithy and Brooker-esque about just how bewilderingly meagre it is as a concept.

A london Bus with an advert for The Sun

But then, surely the point of an advert *is* to stick in the mind. This, for me, doesn’t so much stick the mind as unhinge it slightly.

The problem is not that it’s the The Sun, wilfully expelling itself into the face of 40 years of hard-fought feminist campaigning against such gross objectification.

It’s not even the stultifying, uber-low brow concept of what they’ve done. On other Buses you see Ian Wright heading a 20 pence piece. A football is round, you can almost hear the ad-writer saying, and so is a 20 pence. Well, it is if you squint. 

I’m not 100% sure what it is that makes me groan inwardly each time I see this.

I have a feeling it’s something to do with the idea of grown-up, professional adults industriously photo-shopping over-sized 10 pence pieces onto a girl’s norks; as if just announcing The Sun now costs 20p couldn’t possibly get through to people that The Sun now costs 20p.

I’m also sure it is to do with the fact that they didn’t even spare the time and thought to find an image where the model is looking suitably bright-eyed and amused by the silliness of wearing giant low-denomination coins on her nellies.

This model looks too serious. To me, she seems to have a studied, brooding, bedroom expression, the sort of look photographers try and draw out with encouraging remarks, such as, “…show me you really wannit, sweedart, (click) gaggin’ forrit, (click) that’s lovely (click), now push ‘em togevvah… (click) Gorgeous!”



Dogs Must Be Carried‘ left this comment on 1 Nov 07
Some bloke in a pub told me that the model in question actually does have two oversized ten pence pieces for breasts. Apparently, The Sun’s having to aim lower down the modelling books for its Page Three “stunnas”, given its declining ABC figures and slimmer profit margin. So now we know.
Tim‘ left this comment on 22 Oct 07
Boris, you have my vote if you promise to get rid of the Congestion Charge. People who are stuck in traffic jams should be able to sit there for free. You should charge the people who drive about at speed on uncluttered roads, these people I’m sure would be happy to pay since they are at least getting somewhere.Sorry the dog’s bum hole offended you. Dogs can be gay and this one is. He came out of the closet (with a shoe) and started listening to the Village Poodle, Collie Minogue and Husky Springfield.

A visitor‘ left this comment on 22 Oct 07
Nice blog but the new page header has gay connotations. The dog is funny at first and then slowly but surely you realise that it’s actually offering its ass up for buggery. Sorry to break it to you like this but I find a direct approach in these matters is always best. By the way, who has your vote for the mayorship of London?

4 responses to “Modern Life is Rubbish #2892 The Sun – Published: 21 Oct 2007

  1. sophialudlowgroup

    Definitely not a fan.

  2. brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! yeah boi

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