One One Eight – Published: 7 Oct 2008

118 118

The 118 118 guys will never be endearing and it’s time everyone involved just blummin well grew up and accepted that.

You can’t just keep throwing money at the problem.

Sisyphus-like, 118 118 have pushed this pair of mustachio’d boulders, year after laughless year. God knows how many millions they’ve spent or how many different out of work actors they’ve wigged and tached-up.

‘You’re crazy athletes from the 70s! Just run! Be endearing!’ yells the director and off they go again.

They’ve been frozen in blocks of ice, they’ve turned them into the A Team, they reduced them to mimi-me 118s; every almost-quirky, slightly-not-good-enough trick in the book.

Six years have passed now. Still no one cares.


A visitor‘ left this comment on 10 Oct 08
Can you name another directory service… 118 er, something?
‘UrbanCrap’ left this comment on 10 Oct 08
Good point.

At last a religion I can really believe in…
It’s so easy to join!


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