What ‘Makes’ People Cheat – Published 3 Mar 2008

Interesting article in the New York Times (skinny Observer version, Sunday 2nd March) on some research done by Kathleen D Vohs

The upshot of which seems to suggest the more controlling a society is, or is perceived to be, the more people will be dishonest, or justify dishonesty.

Conversely, when people feel they are free to make their own choices, on the whole they tend to make ethical ones.


Jodrell Bank and Penny Pinching Lunacy

08.42: BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme reports: The future of Jodrell Bank, Britain’s leading centre for astrophysics, is under threat due to government cuts in science funding.

Jodrell Bank

There’s magically £9.3bn (a conservative estimate of the real cost) to pay for the Olympics. The UK’s famous network of radio telescopes needs just £2.5m.

Funding cuts for the arts too is big news at the moment. Britain doesn’t need art and science, seems to be the message here. It just needs shopping centres and buckets of fried chicken.

Full story in The Times.


I Thought This Was Kinda Sweet

Nice that he wasn’t attacked by chickens. Did you ever see such serene muppets?


A visitor‘ left this comment on 19 Mar 08
Quite a lot of the muppets I work with look that serene on a daily basis.

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