Modolf – Published: 27 Jan 2009

Adolf as a modOf course the big question that Political Historians have so far failed to answer is just what would the 20th Century have looked like if Hitler had been a mod?

For a start it’s hard to imagine anyone goose-stepping in bowling shoes. And the Blitzkrieg would surely not have crushed Poland quite so effectively if it had been the Lambretta-krieg.

A more positive hypothesis puts forward the idea that the whole of World War II may have been reduced to no more than a weekend of brawling with greasers and pigs on the seafront at Brighton.

A bottle of Pepsi, a snog with a local girl and a dance to The Who might have pacified the ambitious young Austrian. I suppose we’ll never know.

Next week, we look at what a New Romantic Joseph Goebbels might have been like.


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