Screw-top wines have no romance – Published 26 Aug 2010

Wines without corks

Most wines available in supermarkets in the UK seem to have screw-caps these days. I don’t know why, it must help the supermarket in some way but I would imagine most people find them cheap-looking and unromantic.

Besides not liking to open a bottle without the familiar pop of a cork, I’ve also long suspected that the dregs of Europe’s wine production are shipped to the UK in bottles with screw caps and passed off as drinkable to a nation with a notoriously indifferent palate.

In France and Italy, even in large supermarkets, you will never see wine with screw-tops.

If you know nothing about wine and want to be an expert in 10 seconds, read this: spend more than £8 and only buy a bottle with a cork in it. Doing this will ensure you bypass 95% of the dross.

And More. It turns out there’s a good ecological reason for supporting the cork…

Put a cork in it: the environmental cost of the screw cap

So that settles it.

The British attitude to wine…

Somehow this seems to say a huge amount, perhaps even everything you need to know about the British.

Wind in plastic cups with a tin foil peel-back lid

What we are seeing here are pre-poured glasses of wine (plastic glasses) with tin foil peel-back lids  (yes, yogurt-pot-style) for sale in Marks & Spencer’s, of all places. Cheers gluggers. (clack!)


A visitor‘ left this comment on 7 Sep 10
Point taken but it all tastes the same after the first glass. My mate nearly severed his arm off trying to open a bottle of wine without a cork screw. Plus I witnessed my Mum and Aunt hacking away at a cork for half an hour in the same situation. The screw cap gets you quicker to the good stuff. Once you’ve knocked a bit back, romance is definitely in the air! Know what I mean?

How the skies clogged up after the volcano ash – Published 14 May 2010

A visualisation of the northern European airspace returning to normal after being closed due to volcanic ash.

Airspace Rebooted from ItoWorld on Vimeo.


A visitor‘ left this comment on 5 Dec 10
Wow, great video, looks a bit like snow

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