The future of documentary film-making? – Published: 28 Apr 2010

Prison Valley is a documentary you watch online. Only, you don’t just watch it, you sort of play it too. Beyond the short, elegantly shot intro, you must then create an account to proceed.

What happens next is completely engrossing and immersive. As you click around and begin your exploration, you start to think this is how documentaries must be made now. It’s like when they added sound to silent movies, the future of docos is here.

It was all done, as far as I understand, with a digital slr camera and some tremendous skill and research.

More background about the project here…

The French duo David Dufresne and Philippe Brault decided to produce a documentary on the issue of incarceration in Colorado.

But, they didn’t just throw up a passive, hour-long, badly compressed web video. Instead, the end product became an interactive documentary with user-submission tools throughout and availability on multiple platforms…

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