About this blog

Tat n. colloq. 1 a tatty or tasteless clothes; worthless goods. b rubbish, junk.
2 a shabby person. [back-form. f. TATTY]

Urban Crap was mostly about the built environment. But lately, and less frequently, it’s become a place to post essays and articles on any subject.

I am Tim Jokl, but on Amazon I’m Timothy Urban.

These Tims live near Liverpool.

This blog, when it was about urban things, had this intro:

2000 years of art, science, philosophy and politics have brought the UK to this place where crap rules, where the fine Victorian library can be demolished to make way for a Matalan, where an ethical bank is managed by a meth head, where your town’s Christmas lights are sponsored by Tango.

Timothy Urban stands defiantly before this tsunami of drivel and politely points out that this is crap!


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